TECHnical Foul is a podcast by two tech geeks geeking out about the NBA.

Ben Thompson is the author and founder of Stratechery. You can follow him on Twitter @benthompson, or his NBA-centric alter-ego @NoTechBen.

Manton Reece is an iOS developer and long-time blogger and podcaster. You can follow him on Twitter @manton2.

Episode 07 — Regression to the Mean

Ben and Manton are back geeking out about the NBA. This week we break down how the Warriors came back, whether or not the Thunder choked, and make our picks for the NBA Finals.

NOTE: One minute had to be deleted due to a sound problem, so there is a weird edit towards the end. It was Ben dumping on Kyrie’s defense.

Episode 01 — Episode 1 Round 1

Welcome to the first episode of the TECHnical Foul, in which two wildly unqualified tech geeks geek out about the NBA. In this episode we debate 96 Bulls vs the 16 Warriors, Kobe’s final game, what makes the Spurs great, whether the Spurs can beat the Warriors, and a quick overview of the first round.

Note that this episode was recorded on Tuesday, April 19, although not released until the 22nd